Alumaks Architectural Systems


Alumaks is uniquely placed as a large yet design & engineering driven company offering the full range of services from unusual and intricate projects to large-scale developments. With a proven track record of sophisticated projects and a wealth of experience, Alumaks always welcomes new challenges in a commitment to delivering a high-quality bespoke product.


Alumaks uses an in-house façades testing facility as well as testing façades in the TR and Germany with accredited institutions. A variety of mock-ups are built each year; from samples, visual mock-ups, full-size visual mock-ups to full-size test mock-ups. This ensures technical and visual compliance, as well as installation training.


With a commitment to high-quality products and time efficiency, Alumaks strives to manufacture most of the aluminium and metal sheet works in-house in our three façade plants, which collectively have the capacity to process up to 250,000 m² of curtain walling in a variety of unitised panel sizes. A state-of-the-art stock management system manages and aides delivery of these parts on a 'just-in-time' basis.


To guarantee an outstanding product and faster installation times Alumaks develops and implement sophisticated handling and working practices, often using bespoke in-house developed machinery, in addition to ensuring safe and secure on-site practices. Thorough testing of our machinery, materials and installation procedure is carried out on full size mock-ups.


Through a dedicated maintenance team Alumaks maintains a link with their projects and clients over the long term, and offer ongoing care and service.

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