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The company history ofAlumaks Aluminum Inc., full of success, starts in 1999. The years past, after setting off from a small workshop, were in fact the years throughout which the Turkish construction sector also developed rapidly at home, and which heralded that the Turkish construction companies also would be the preferred ones in foreign markets. Throughout the time past, Alumaks has deemed every project it finished as a step to achieve its target. And today, with its Istanbul facilities and experienced, self-sacrificing staff, Alumaks is continuing to pursue its target with the same determination. Opening abroad in 2004, Alumaks has completed lot of projects in 4 different countries until now.

Alumaks always offers to its customers the most appropriate systems and solutions for their buildings . Thus, the applications performed by Alumas are economical, healthy, and also long-lived. No sacrifices from the project are demanded for the sake of being economical, and besides, the building is made resistant to the conditions of its location by means of the materials and production in the international standards. Alumaks produces solutions specific to the building together with the business partners, when necessary, and also tests and applies these solutions.

Since 2006, Alumaks has been carrying out an international business partnership with German Akotherm System, one of the leading “Architectural Aluminum” system company worldwide. With this cooperation, Alumaks has showed to the Turkish Construction Sector that the “BEST” is easily reachable. The experienced technical staff and human resources of Alumaks, the performance and experience it displays in domestic and international markets are the primary elements that have created the trust bestowed to the company today.

We, as Alumaks, are always with you maybe in your buildings in which you live in safety and health today, or when you raise your head to see the peak of the skyscraper you pass by, or at a terminal that smiles at you when you get off the plane, or in a building that you admire during your foreign travel.

Our most sincere thanks to you, our valuable customers, who have brought us to the present day.

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